The Open Gardens attraction opens on October 16 and runs for 10 days.

View/Download Open Gardens 2020 Details Here

The Committee will apply for a COVID Safe Plan for all Open Gardens at this years Rose Festival.  Key undertakings in a COVID Safe Plan to apply to your garden will be as follows:

The Committee will provide each Gardener a sign for display at the entry point that will be large and clear and will spell out the rules of entry, including:

  • The need to maintain a distance of at least 1.5 metres from any other person at any time
  • Make use of the hand sanitising facilities provided
  • Practice cough etiquette
  • Do not engage in intimate personal behaviour or share drinks
  • If you are not well, do not enter and go home

The Committee will provide blank pre-prepared COVID safe forms together with disposable pencils, all visitors would need to supply the following information:

  • The visitors name/s
  • Their contact phone number/s
  • The time of entering the garden
  • Declare that they are well and symptom free (it is assumed that a tick a box response is acceptable)
  • If you are not well, please do not enter.